Sample pages from the LINK-UP Program Manual

The LINK-UP Manual includes:

  • Background information: The nature and impact of language difficulty in middle and upper primary school children, and how professionals can work together to provide inclusive within-class support.
  • The program: A detailed framework of the program, and how it can be administered.
  • Resources: Many specific resources are included in the manual that are fundamental to the delivery of the program.
  • A CD: The CD has printable PDF files of all resources included in the Appendix section of the manual, such as handouts, forms and language strategy resources.

Sample pages:

Chapter 1: Supporting Middle and Upper Primary School Students with Language Difficulty (Page 22)

Chapter 2: The LINK-UP Program (Page 31)

Chapter 3: Direct Vocabulary Instruction (Page 44)

Chapter 4: Modifying Teachers’ Written Language (Page 71)

Chapter 5: Modifying Teachers’ Oral Language (Page 90)

LINK-UP Resources Appendices (Page 129)